Our Services

As each design project is different we offer various services, with pricing either on an hourly basis or a value based package fee.

  • Additions, renovations, new construction
  • Consults with architects, contractors and vendors
  • Design concepts for existing spaces
  • Floor and space plans
  • Furniture, flooring, window treatments, lighting and accessory selections
  • Color consults
  • Consults for those looking to purchase a home (we can help you see the potential in an older home, or add character to a new home)

The biggest compliment we can receive is to hear our clients say, “You really get me! This is even better than what I was envisioning.” We never want a recognizable or cookie-cutter “Dastvan Designs look” to our work. Each client is different bringing so many new aspects for us to consider and then create a design concept which will reflect that individuality.


Our Philosophy

What makes a room seem effortless, a home have a seamless flow from one space to the next, or a design unerringly reflect the homeowner’s aesthetic? Answer: An interior designer. A good designer is someone who can listen to their clients, absorb the very essence of a client’s vision of their “perfect home,” and successfully translate and guide them through the design process.  It’s our job to discover the client’s personal style and appropriately apply it to their home while working within their budget

Whether it be traditional, transitional, eclectic, contemporary, country or whimsical we embrace all facets of design and welcome the challenges and change of pace each new client brings. In the end, the feeling, the look, and the ability of a room to stand the test of time are the marks of a well-formed design by Dastvan Designs.